Monday, 23 September 2013

Bringing up the next generation of Divas

Our preschool gives out a local magazine aimed at parents: Oxfordshire Families. It has a few articles around topics such as first days at school but is mainly full of adverts. One in particular caught my eye - a photo-shoot party.

Included is mocktail drinks, hair and face makeover, choice of accessories, red carpet catwalk, disco and a printed photo. All for £25 per child, minimum 10 children, additional photos a chargeable extra.

Other than the hideous price, the whole idea of the photo-shoot party makes me cringe. Or feel like shouting. A bit of both really.

If my daughter wants to pursue a modelling career and understands the level of determination and hard graft she'll need to display, then I'll support her. I am not belittling the career.

Surely there are more worthwhile themes for a little girls party?
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