About the Badger

I'm a thirty-something mum to Baby Badger, born June 2010, and Badger Cub, born February 2013, living in rural Oxfordshire with my husband (Father Badger) and two cats. I like music, gardening and chocolate (amongst other equally high risk activities). This blog is about my experiences so far, my views on parenting, my attempts to be a good mum and an outlet to let off steam!

I'm hiding behind a pseudonym because I'm not yet convinced that the little badgers will thank me in later years for what I'm writing; also I've yet to decide if it's a good thing to publish a child's identity on the web. It's certainly not because I wouldn't be prepared to say what I do in person. Anyone who knows me well would be able to work out who I am, but hopefully would be a good enough friend not to spill the beans! Maybe I'll change my mind and "come out" sometime...

I welcome your comments and advice, especially the advice!

You can find me on Twitter as @MotherBadger.

All content within this blog, including but not limited to text and images, unless otherwise stated is copyright of Mother Badger 2010-2013.
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