Monday, 2 September 2013

It's time for a haircut

I'm considering the Sinead O'Connor look.

Two years of nursery under our belt and it's finally happened. Baby Badger has been scratching her head for a week or so. I've been checking her hair and rechecking... not a thing. We changed her shampoo... no real improvement.

Then it happened. This morning. I was brushing her hair to tie it up and I saw it. A solitary head louse. Then a second. The third appeared an hour or so later. I've been itching ever since and I think the only course of action is to shave off my waist length hair as I certainly can't face dragging a nit comb all the way through it!

I've spent the day washing all the sheets and hats and we have an exciting evening planned checking mine and Father Badger's hair - luckily Badger Cub seems to have escaped - followed by delousing Baby Badger. All I have to do now is find a way of bribing her to keep still while I comb out the little critters.

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