Saturday, 2 November 2013

Matilda Mae Welly Walk

Today was the Matilda Mae Welly Walk at Beale Park. Matilda Mae was lost to SIDS on 2nd February and her family have worked tirelessly ever since to raise money for The Lullaby Trust, the charity that works to prevent such loss and support families affected. The Welly Walk was a fundraising event and also a chance to remember Matilda Mae.

The day started with a fun musical warm up with chiffon scarves, maracas and dancing followed by a walk led by Jennie and family through the water gardens, decorated with pink and purple balloons. At the end we were all given little pots of bubbles to blow, and there were marvellous contraptions made from sticks and string for blowing giant bubbles. The air was full of bubbles - thousands of them, big and small! The rest of the day was spent on the mini train, watching meerkats, in the story telling tent... the entertainment was endless. It truly was a fabulous day, and we left with two very tired but happy children.

Although I have never met Jennie until today, and then only briefly, her loss has truly moved me. Matilda was lost on the day Badger Cub was born. I was sat on the bed in the delivery suite, just hours after giving birth, watching her outpouring of emotion on Twitter, having just found her precious baby girl silent and unmoving in the cot.

Since then she has shown such amazing strength, supporting her two elder children and family through their loss, and raising money and awareness for The Lullaby Trust. Take a look at her blog and if you also feel moved please consider donating via her fundraising page.

Jennie - thank you for today, for allowing us to share the day with you, to remember Matilda Mae, in our hearts even though we never met her. I hope the next few days are not too hard and that each day will become easier. You are amazing.

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