Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Elephants and boobies

We had a day in Kent on Sunday. The lovely Menai is back from India for a little while and it was her youngest daughter's christening.

It was a 10:30 service so we opted for travelling the night before and staying locally rather than trying to wrangle both children into leaving the house at 7:30. We had a relaxing night's sleep at a local Premier Inn, leisurely breakfast and headed back to our room to get into our posh clothes (we sensibly decided they weren't a good mix with a three year old eating baked beans).

Back at the room I made a discovery... in my haste not to forget anything the children needed, I had forgotten my bra. I would be freeboobing in my white strappy summer dress. Oh well. At least the breastfeeding meant I had the cleavage to carry it off. What could possibly go wrong...?

The christening service was good fun, with Menai's father (a Methodist minister) presiding. Afterwards we went for a lunch at the local WI hall, which had been decorated with an elephant theme. This is where disaster struck...

It appears that the plastic adjustable clasps on my strappy dress did not appreciate me pulling them over my shoulders to feed Badger Cub. They broke. Yes, both. With no bra. Thankfully I managed not to display my baps to the world.

Thank you to Menai (for being supermum and prepared for anything and supplying a safety pin) and Father Badger (for not being bothered to remove the dry cleaning tag from his suit and therefore supplying the other safety pin.

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