Thursday, 25 July 2013

Enough is enough (aka never say never)

We are a family of four. Father Badger, Baby Badger (age three), Badger Cub (almost six months) and myself. Mum & Dad with son & daughter. We are complete. My pregnancies were far from hard, and my labours short, but quite frankly I'm 36 years old and done with baby making.

Father Badger knows this and hasn't raised any objections, although he always jokes that we should have two and a spare. I sold all my maternity gear on Ebay as soon as my postpartum belly had shrunk enough not to need it, just to make sure my position was clear.

I'm halfway through my second twelve month stint of maternity leave, returning to work in January. Luckily we can afford the childcare for two, but three would probably cripple us, plus my career in IT would probably not survive another baby. The grandparents (who currently lend a lot of practical support) are in their mid sixties, so will be mid seventies by the time Badger Cub goes to secondary school.

I'm done. Really. So why is a part of me not done? A little voice keeps whispering in my head.

Maybe menopause is approaching and Mother Nature is sounding the alarm. (Awooga awooga, time is running out.)

I've sold my maternity clothes as I won't be needing them. (After all, you are losing weight so you'll need a smaller size next time.)

Should I save the cosleeper crib for my friend or should we sell it? (Or maybe keep it for number three...)

Is this normal?

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