Thursday, 22 September 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful: holiday, spiders and freedom

This week's Reasons to be Cheerful is guest hosted over at Mum Of All Trades, and it's snuggly autumnal read!

My first reason is that we've booked our skiing holiday for January! As I may have already mentioned, I'm so excited! I know that a lot of people look forward to their summer holiday: sand, sea, cocktails by the pool, all inclusive hotels. It's just not my cup of tea. I don't sunbathe because I turn into a lobster (and it's boring). I don't mind hot weather holidays, but I relax with a drink in the shade, usually with a good book, and explore when it's a little cooler. The holiday I always look forward to is on the slopes: skiing is hard work at times but such good fun!

My second reason is that I seem to have turned a corner regarding my fear of spiders. I've always freaked out when anything arachnoid larger than a penny runs my way, and recently it seemed that I was getting even more neurotic about them. It's been on my mind a lot recently: I really don't want to pass on this fear to Baby Badger. Last week my hand was forced and I caught a big black spider and put it out! Since then I somehow don't seem to have been quite so bothered by them, coping when one scuttles across the room, and even managed to shrug my shoulders and go to sleep when Father Badger told me one had run across the bedroom floor! I hope this is the start of my rehabilitation.

My third reason is that I have a day off next week on a childcare day. That means a whole day at home on my own, doing exactly what I want to do. Gardening. Sorting out some of the many things on my list around the house. Mundane jobs that have been waiting for months. A day of achieving. I can't wait!

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  1. Have a wonderful Holiday in January!
    I so know where you are coming from a childfree day to catch up on all the little jobs etc, one day I too will get to experience a day to do the same, enjoy it
    Sadie x

  2. Ooh I having been skiing for about 10 years so I'm jealous! Way to go on archniphobia - my mate ran out of house leaving her baby as she had panic attack over spider.. Luckily neighbour came to rescue ;-) enjoy your day to yourself :-)

  3. I love sking. I can't wait till our youngest is old enough so that we can all go. It is the best holiday. Enjoy your deserved day to yourself, there really is nothing like one of those days.

  4. Nice way to start the New Year although I would deffo be more interested in the apres-ski lol.
    Face your fears they say so well done you.
    Make the most of that day to yourself and do something pampering as well as jobs

  5. Skiing! *goes green with envy*. Can't wait a couple more years until DD is old enough for us to go again. And good for you re your arachnophobia. It's live and let live in this house but I haven't picked one up yet... lovely R2Bc :D

  6. Ohh how I adore a day to myself to achieve things on my to do list. Enjoy! Make sure you have a bit of time to just chill too.

    Mich x

  7. Ohh, a day off on a childcare day! How wonderful, do enjoy it, as well as ticking off lots of to-do items.


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