Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I'm stupidly proud of myself

Arachnophobia. A great film to the majority of you, spawn of nightmares to me.

When Father Badger and I started dating he used to rescue me from the giant black spiders in my flat, of which I seemed to get scores every autumn. The moment I spotted one I would drop the biggest pyrex bowl that owned over the top of it from as far away as I could get and still reach, then I would phone him to come and release it outside. My hero!

Ten years later he's still doing it, only I don't have to trap them under a bowl as he's close enough to catch them himself before they get away, and that's very important: once I've seen a spider I can't forget about it, and I'm not staying in a room where one is lurking (at least not with my feet on the floor).

I am desperate not to pass on my phobia to Baby Badger: I know it is irrational, there's no reason for her to be scared and also if she's scared, I'll have to rescue her from them! I've been very brave so far and managed not to squeal in front of her.

This morning I surpassed myself, and this is why I am so proud of myself: I caught this whopper in the kitchen, calmly and without a whimper, and put it out the front door. Get me...


  1. Omg thats just horrendous.......totally my worst nightmare!! And I'm so with you with the not staying in the same room or being able to forget about it!! Thankfully my 2 boys have not got my phobia but find it funny. I would definitely rather that than them feel the same as me :(

    Big points for being so brave!!

  2. Well
    Done!!! I run a mile from them too and OH uses exactly the same sophisticated tools and sets them free.

  3. Well done. Not sure I could. If hubby isn't around to help, I enlist the better hunter of our two cats. If I'm lucky she'll eat the evidence too! I try not to react when my son's around for the same reasons as you. I've had to tell hubby off once or twice for mentioning my fear as I don't want to pass it on.

  4. oooh well done you!



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