Thursday, 29 September 2011

Life Circle Week One - Wheel of Life

Kate over at The Five Fs Blog has started what will hopefully be a life changing (or at least improving) experience: Life Circle. The idea is to identify areas of life that are lacking or could do with a boost and find ways of improving them through weekly tasks set by Kate. I have a feeling there will be self-discovery and other such group-hug type stuff. I'm not really a group-hug type of person, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway!

Week One's task: score my life out of ten for eight different areas, considering the score and the influences in my decision. Here goes!

Fun and Recreation
I rehearse with a brass band twice per week, with the occasional concert, so considering I'm a mum that's probably quite a good social life! I honestly don't have the time, energy or inclination to go out more often, so let's put this as an 8/10.

I always struggle to assess my career progression and aspirations. I am in a good job (I work in IT), a decent salary, and I enjoy what I do. I have managed to go back after my maternity leave and pick up pretty much where I left off, allowing for a little catch up on how the product has moved on during my year off (which has delighted my boss). I have no wish to become management, so career progression does not follow a clear path. 7/10

I am overweight. Actually, I'm officially obese as my BMI is almost 33. I guess that counts as a massive negative score. On the positive side, I am trying to do something about it: I wear a pedometer so have an awareness of how many (or few) steps I do each day; I'm tracking my calories using the My Fitness Pal app (and being honest about it); and I'm in week six of the Get Running Couch to 5k program (I ran 20 minutes non-stop on Friday and did interval sets on Sunday). I do, however, need to get a shift on and get myself down to a healthy weight and size. It's a focal point for me, so I'm going to score low to put emphasis on it. 3/10

Personal Development
Huh? I work full time and I have a toddler. I'm trying to keep afloat. No time to even decide what areas require development. 3/10

Friends & Family
My family are local and supportive. We get on well. Can't really find fault there. Since Baby Badger was born I have neglected my friends: when we meet everything is good, but we really don't see enough of each other. 7/10

I'm assuming this is my personal environment rather than a treehugger response? It's much better since we got a cleaner in June! There's a lot about our home that bugs me. Piles of stuff that hasn't been put away, mainly because we're not quite sure where it should go. Two rooms full of boxes that we haven't looked in for several years. A garden full of weeds. No time to deal with any of it. 1/10

I'm useless at this sort of stuff. I'm not in debt but I'm useless at saving. I rarely look at my accounts. I know I should do something about it but I honestly can't be bothered. 5/10

Romance/Significant Other
This one is easy. I'm a lucky girl. I have a husband who loves me and whom I love very much. We need to make more time for ourselves as a couple as opposed to the three of us as a family, but neither of us want to miss a moment of Baby Badger's childhood. It's a balancing act, and at the moment it's not far off. 9/10.

Life Circle

Updated: I've finally got around to drawing my wheel. It'd give one hell of a bumpy ride!


  1. Hi there, pleased to meet you, fellow LC participant Rachel here.

    I echo very much some of the things you're saying here, pressures of time and the 'I honestly can't be bothered' comment on finances - I struggle with that too. Well done on the C25K running - I am very impressed. It's something I have a hankering to do although I suspect I will need to get myself some good knee supports before I attempt it.

  2. Great you have some big scores on some areas! So with you on the weight front - at least mine has gone under 30 but only just...

  3. Some real positives there especially the couch to 5K running. That sounds really good.


  4. Great blog - congrats on the running, i know i wouldn't be able to do it

  5. Hiya, another LC participant here, again big admiration for the running, its a great way to get the weight loss ball rolling.

  6. I need to get back into the Couch 2 5k programme, so will watch your progress with interest. Good luck.

  7. Hi there, finally got round to reading posts. I hope this helped you identify the main areas you need or want to work on. Judging by your scores, I'd say that was home/environment, health and personal development. I'd say that giving a middle score to something you don't want to deal with is about right. If there is no impetus to change, that is fine. Later on, when you are happier with other areas, it might become the key area to work on.

    Good luck with the next task.

  8. All the best with reinventing your wheel. I like your style of writing.


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