Monday, 2 January 2012

Little Britain's Legacy

We spent New Years Eve with a group of friends and all stayed over. The following morning we had the traditional fry up and got to talking about Baby Badger's new words. Father Badger is (thankfully) proud of me breastfeeding her and got to talk about mornings when she comes into our bed and immediately demands mlk! mlk! (milk).

Our friends are all aware I still feed her. It doesn't happen much in public now as she mainly feeds first thing in the morning and at bedtime. I don't make a big thing of it, but I do expect them to respect it. So I was a little taken aback when one of them suggested it would be really funny to teach Baby Badger to ask for bitty instead of milk.

I didn't say anything and let the moment pass, but I'm regretting it a little bit. I'm not bothered as such by the term, but it's the existence of this sort of joke that discourages new mums from nursing in public.

Little Britain has a lot to answer for.


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  1. Alec and I are the last ones standing in our NCT group, and the comments really get me down.

    There are only so many times you can laugh off "Now you will give up before he starts school, won't you." And if I mention any problems we might be having, it's all: "Maybe this is a sign that it's time to make the break."

    I'm kind of glad that everyone's going back to work so I don't have to navigate it any more.


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