Thursday, 5 January 2012

Life Circle 2012: a fresh start

Kate over at The Five Fs blog is kick-starting Life Circle 2012 and I've decided it's just what I need to get motivated. There may be a certain sense of deja vu to this. I did try Life Circle a few months ago but got bogged down in just the sort of stuff that Life Circle was meant to help sort out.

I've survived the redundancies at work and we've done a bit of de-cluttering at home over the Christmas break (although there's plenty left to do), so hopefully I can embark afresh without feeling as though I'm drowning under the weight of my to do list...

And now onto the task for week one, in Kate's words:

I want everyone to introduce themselves. Who we are, what we're about, where we're coming from, and where we're headed. Why we're here. What we want to achieve out of joining LifeCircle. Why? Because I think it will be useful for us to do a little bit of team-building. A little bit of background, however much you want to give, will help with that. Think of this as the ice-breaker at the start of a course. Include some funny things if you like, anything really, it doesn't have to be relevant to what you want to achieve; just something that you think displays the measure of YOU.

The basics: married for some years (but less than a decade) to a man I can't imagine my life without, mother of one toddler, full-time employed within the IT industry. Rather overweight, or probably technically obese at a BMI of 34 (one of the motivators for doing Life Circle) and too far post-partum to blame it on baby weight. Love my food, especially cheese and chocolate (predictably).

Hopes for Life Circle: to motivate myself to lose weight and get fit. To tackle some of the tasks on my to do list, many of which revolve around sorting out our home. To generally feel as though I'm making progress with life other than the routine of work, house chores, sleep, repeat ad infinitum.

Something funny: ooh, I'm not sure I can do that on demand! Maybe this will do? Something I tweeted a few days ago and a good reason for joining in with Life Circle...

Got ready for shower, clothes off, hair in a top knot, looked in mirror and thought... Sumo wrestler is not a good look. #timetoeatlettuce

Life Circle


  1. Glad you survived the redundancies. Over the New Year I saw a lot of status updates from colleagues that have taken voluntary redundancy. Work is going to be different with some of them gone :-(

  2. Like you, I'm hoping that the LifeCirle will help me to break out from the work/child/housework/sleep routine, and will encourage me to widen my life somewhat. At the moment I don't really have hobbies, or anything I'm totally passionate about. Hopefully I'll go some way to amending that during this course.

  3. like you I fell off the wagon 1st time! hope we do it together

  4. Hiya, I too am hoping to get the motivation to c
    tackle lots of things lingering on my to do list! Good luck!

  5. Well, I'm glad the job thing worked itself out. Really good news to hear.

    The diet thing? Personally, I wouldn't eat lettuce in January! You can still eat, you just have to eat slightly different things but you can still eat warming and filling things and lose weight.

    Hope to see your Wheel of Life up soon. ;-)

  6. Good luck! from dbaskls


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