Thursday, 13 October 2011

Life Circle Week Two - Life Plan

It's time for week two of Life Circle. If you don't know what it is, head over to The Five Fs Blog.

This week's task involves desribing my ideal life in five years' time, then  considering what I should be aiming for at various points along the way in order to achieve my ideal life. It's a tough one.

My ideal life in five years...

Father Badger and I will still be in our current home, but it will be in a much better state. The insurance company will have dealt with the subsidence and our kitchen will be crack-free. The rest of downstairs will be redecorated, eliminating the hideous colour scheme (including salmon pink coving) from the previous owners. Our conservatory will be box-free, as will the study and spare room upstairs. My home will be de-cluttered.

Baby Badger will be happy & healthy, most likely with a little brother or sister. (For some reason, whenever I think about this I visualise twins, but that's in no way an aspiration, and hopefully not a prophecy!)

Father Badger and I will also be happy and healthy. I will be a sensible weight and happily jogging two laps of the village (which is three miles) three times per week. We will also both be in jobs that we enjoy, earning enough to be comfortable yet not high pressured enough to impact on a work-life balance.

Where should I be in two year's time to achieve this?

I'm guessing I should be on maternity leave! A good portion of sorting out the house (decluttering of boxes and stored items) needs to be done, but the decorating is less important - I'm happy separate the cosmetic aspects for a later date. I need to be employed by a company with a good maternity policy - I don't believe I should bring a second child into a life where we cannot afford to support it; also I want to be able to take my full year to give it the best supported start in life possible.

And one year...?

Much the same as two years from now except pregnant rather than on leave. It sounds as though I'm obsessing about baby making but I'm not: if Baby badger is destined to be an only child then so be it; I am and I don't feel as though I suffered. I am, however, aware that I'm well into my thirties and that having a child is such a life-changing event that it really does need to be planned.

What about six months from now?

I need to be fit and healthy. I need to at least be down to pre-pregnancy weight, but ideally well below 12 stone. It's achievable if only I had some perseverance with regards eating and exercise.

I should make a start with the decluttering. We've been chipping away at it for years but barely a dent has been made and it's time to stop giving excuses.

Life Circle


  1. Your life plan seems to be focused on family and home, which is lovely. I, too, have lots of decluttering to do and have just made a start on it but it's very time consuming. Good luck with the baby plans!

  2. This is such a nice plan :) Full of warming family ideas it sounds so nice. Good luck with everything. I also am in the middle of de- cluttering, must but a winter thing (no one seems to 'spring clean' anymore!)

  3. I think you have a lovely plan there, well thought out.
    I have thought that it would be nice to have a brother or sister at some point for my son, its not going to happen anytime soon though.
    Think that some decluttering will be happening soon at my home.

  4. Sounds like a great, realistic and well thought out plan. Wishing you all the very best in your immediate hope of conceiving a little brother or sister (or both, perhaps if your visualization becomes a prophecy!).

    The de-cluttering is one of those forever tasks in my home (as soon as I do one draw/cupboard, it's time to do another one... but I like to feel organized... I'm not sure I'm very good at decluttering in reality - more like reshuffling!).

  5. I haven't seen this (been off the blog world a bit) but this is a great idea - re maternity policy good luck, I've just found out there is an extra 15 weeks that I have to be employed before I get maternity pay... taking it to well over 2 years employment

    Going to go off and have a think around similar things, like this

  6. Wonderful! I agree about onlies - if our little H is destined to be an only then that's fine too. Good luck with both the decluttering and the exercise etc - couldn't possibly say in a more heartfelt way "Me too"- on exactly the same mission over here!

  7. Good thought out plan there. Good luck with the de-cluttering!


  8. I love how this has led you to see what needs to start now. As you get closer and closer, I said it would become more like a to do list. Don't worry about appearing baby obsessed, planning a family is a big thing.

  9. so with you on the decluttering and weight loss - I'm sure we can all do this!


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