Thursday, 20 October 2011

Life Circle Week Three - Goal Setting

It's time for week three of Life Circle. If you don't know what it is, head over to The Five Fs Blog.

This week's task is to set myself goals, as many as I think I need, and not to worry about fine-tuning them. Part two is to decide how I feel about the list (too big/small, too easy/difficult) and how committed I feel about achieving them.

Here goes with the list...

  1. Lose at least half a pound in weight every week until I am a healthy weight.
  2. Do some exercise every day, whether it is running or walking around the block at lunchtime.
  3. Complete the Couch to 5k program.
  4. Medium term: slim down enough to fit my pre-pregnancy clothes.
  5. Long term: slim down further to get down to a size 14.
  6. Finish painting Baby Badger's cupboards.
  7. Clear the remaining boxes from the conservatory.
  8. Sort out the boxes in the study.
  9. Sort out the boxes in the spare room.
  10. Get stuff into the loft.
  11. Sort out all the paperwork that needs filing.
  12. Sort out Baby Badger's savings.
  13. Make sure I see my local friends every month.
  14. Make an effort to catch up with distant friends.
  15. Try to get a "date night" with Father Badger at least every other month.

There's a fair amount there revolving around sorting out, filing and de-cluttering, but that's not surprising. The list itself isn't that scary, but I know just how many boxes there are and I have to admit that it's a bit of a daunting task.

With regards the health and fitness goals, I do seem to have my head in the sand at the moment. It's a motivation thing, especially given the last few weeks where life in general hasn't been going well. I know exactly what I need to do, and have great intentions, but I do eat when emotional, and sometimes I look at the biscuit and say "Sod it, I'm having it anyway", and that's not great on a daily basis.

I do feel committed to the list, as I know all of these things, if achieved, will make me very happy, but will definitely need support to achieve it.

Life Circle


  1. I just replied to your comment on my post before reading yours.
    Motivation is a big issue for me at the moment when it comes to running or cycling. What I found really useful at the beginning of the year was to go running with some colleagues at work. It adds a level of commitment to things because you know that you'll be letting them down if you pull out.
    Is there any of your friends that would be interested in doing the C25K with you?
    As for the biscuits why not make having one or two a reward for doing something.
    Do you have to do the C25K though? My sister-in-law started using Wii Fit Plus a few months ago. She spends about an hour a day on it as soon as the family have gone to work and school. She's enjoying it and getting exercise and has lost between one and two stones since she started.

  2. Good luck! I too have loads of organisational stuff to do.

  3. I would recommend cutting your goals 1 to 5 down to one - the longer term goal is what you're aiming for. Taking action now is all the other stuff, which is more of a to-do list.

    Anyway, it is a good list and it will be interesting to see how it differs after this week's challenge. Which I WILL be writing in the next day for Thursday.


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