Friday, 12 August 2011

Ten Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been a bit quiet recently and there's nothing better than a meme to get the words flowing. Jayne over at Mum's the Word tagged me to write ten things you don't know about me...

First of all, I'm going to have to say in my defence that I've done something similar before so I'm struggling for another ten! At least last time it was only seven things, so I haven't used too many up! Let's see if I can think of another ten...

1. I have a purple belt in karate (Shotokan, in case you're interested). I started because I wanted to improve my fitness without mind-numbing gym sessions, but really enjoyed it, even though it was a full contact club - there's nothing quite like knowing that incoming punch is designed to hit its target to make you defend properly! I've not trained in a few years now, but maybe one day I'll get back into it again.

2. My favourite film since a child is The Jungle Book (the original one with Beatles-style vultures). When I was very young I had a bootleg cassette tape of the film (that's right - just the sound!), I'm guessing done by someone with a tape recorder in the cinema. The result is that I know all of the lyrics and pretty much all the dialogue off by heart.

3. I was born in an RAF hospital in Germany. My parents and I came to the UK to live before I was a year old and I gave up my dual nationality when I got my own passport in my teens.

4. I have two degrees. The first is in Music from Durham; the second is in Maths & Computing with The Open University.

5. I like real ale. Beer should be room temp and not fizzy. It's just the way it is. I also like whisky. I'm so feminine...

6. I hate beach holidays. I burn in the British sun, so why on earth I'd want to pay to go somewhere else and fry I do not know?! That's not to say I don't like holiday in warm climates, but I generally like to sit in the shade with a drink and a good book and look out at the sun.

7. I love skiing holidays. I'm not amazing, and put me at the top of a black run and I'd rather be airlifted out than attempt it, but I do at least feel as though I ski with a degree of style rather than simply making it down in one piece now. I didn't go this year because Baby Badger was way too young to leave (not to mention the two hourly feeds), and last year I went but had to limit myself because of being pregnant, so I'm dying to get back on the slope. The jury is currently out as to whether I get to go next year.

8. I love a fancy dress party. My favourite costumes so far have included Lara Croft, Rogue from X Men, and various Halloween characters.

9. I was a Goth in my teenage years and I still relish any opportunity to don black clothing and plenty of silver jewellery and studs. I love my New Rock boots, even if they do weigh a ton.

10.My eyesight is terrible. I wear either glasses or contact lenses all the time, and I honestly think that without them I would be run over the first time I left the pavement (after having fallen of the kerb, which I hadn't seen).

And now it's my turn to tag: @MenaiN, @And1MoreMeans5 and @NinjaMomBlog.

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  1. I identify with so many of these! I, too, am a speccy four-eyes and rely on glasses at all time, I also love real ale and also went through a teengae goth phase, of sorts...I bet we'd get on very well in real life!

  2. I didn't know you went to Durham - me too!

    Which college?

  3. A felloe ex-goth! Yay! I used to have a pair of New Rocks, I think they were my favourite boots ever. And I too love the Jungle Book!

    Enjoyed your list very much x

  4. *fellow even. Need to increase my font size, the peepers aint what they used to be...


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