Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Seven Things

I've been tagged in a meme for the first time (yey!), although I admit I waved my hand in the air like a schoolgirl and shouted "me, me" (or the Twitter equivalent). Thank you to Kirsty at Imperfect Pages for obliging!

What's this particular meme? To list seven true facts about me that you won't know. Given that you don't know me from Adam, it should be quite easy to fulfil the "don't know" part, but I've gotta make them at least vaguely interesting. Can my sleep deprived mind do that? Let me know...

1. I'm scared of spiders. Not in the running around screaming sort of way, but certainly in the rooted to the spot yelling for help way. I also find them fascinating and sometimes beautiful. I think it's actually the thought of them on me that's the issue rather than the actual spider, and they move so darned fast... When Father Badger and I started dating, the flat I lived in seemed to breed huge black spiders in autumn. I could just about manage to trap each one under the largest Pyrex bowl I had, then I'd call him to come and release it outside. Apparently it's helped him deal with his fear of spiders!

2. We've had our car for almost a year and it's never been washed (unless you count the snow I rubbed over the number plate last month). I hate washing cars. So pointless. I'm holding out hope that Volvo will wash it when it goes in for its service next week.

3. I play in a brass band - ooh, how rock and roll! I started on the trumpet when I was seven years old and, over a quarter of a century later, I'm still playing.

4. I love making stuff. I made Baby Badger's nursery curtains, and I've sewn toys and mobiles. I've even made some clothes, but I wouldn't say I was particularly good  as a seamstress! I can knit anything as long as it's a scarf. When Baby Badger is old enough for "make and play" we'll have a box full of old cardboard, yoghurt pots and tin foil and we'll make stuff too. What fun!

5. I've been on holiday to some fairly exciting places. I've stayed in the Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland. I've snorkelled with sealions around the Galapagos. I've trekked to see mountain gorillas in Uganda (although I did have visions of being airlifted out when my legs became too tired to go any further). I've been to North Korea, which was fun other than the unsettling experience of handing over my passport for "safe keeping" for the duration.

6. I'm a bit of an Eats, Shoots & Leaves girl. I hate poor spelling, become irritated by bad grammar and obsess about misuse of apostrophes. That's not to say that my blog won't have the odd typo, and I'm aware that the slightly chatty style of blog writing doesn't use perfect grammar, but I never promised consistent standards.

7. Following the trend of slightly gross body-related facts: I have three pairs of piercings in my ears plus one at the top left, and the second pair was done by me with a darning needle. I was bored, and got into a whole heap of trouble when my mum noticed. I also had my belly button pierced for a while, but it came out on the aforementioned trip to North Korea. I still have a lump of scar tissue from it that I play with in the bath. Mmmm...

I'm now meant to tag fifteen other bloggers to do this, but I'm rather new to this blogging malarky so don't know many to tag! If you'd like a go at this let me know: add a comment or tweet me.

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  1. Great list! I am much the same as you with car washing. What's the point?

    Your travels sound amazing - I'd love to travel more, maybe when the kids are a bit older, and when we have some spare money! I'm a bit of a grammar fiend too. :)


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