Saturday, 2 April 2011

What being a parent means to me...

This post is part of a meme hosted by Tasha at The Domestic Anarchist to support the launch of the Maternity Matters blog, which is dedicated towards raising awareness of birth trauma, the positive birth choices that women are entitled to make and the steps which families can take to move on with their lives after a traumatic birth.

Being a parent means... tiredness. Sleep is obviously going to be elusive but I'm sure I will adjust; I guess I have already.

Being a parent means... patience. The patience to understand that Baby Badger doesn't understand that I'll be back in a minute and that it may well be the end of the world to her that I want a moment on my own to wee without having to set up a play gym in the bathroom doorway!

Being a parent means... strength. The strength I will no doubt need to show for her as she grows up. I hope that I have the strength to cope with the inevitable tantrums in the terrible twos and the teenage years (and possibly the years in between) and to deal with them with fairness and respect.

Being a parent means... responsibility. I have a responsibility to make sure she grows up with respect for others. I have a responsibility to ensure that she has all that she needs (but not necessarily wants): a healthy balanced lifestyle; good education; fun and games, not just with her peers but also with her parents; unconditional love and support.

Being a parent means... time. The frustrating time that I don't have for myself, which is balanced out by the enjoyable time spent in her company. The time I must learn to set aside to give my undivided attention to her to read, play and cuddle; and the time I must take to relax and recuperate so that I can be a better mother when I am with her.

Being a parent means... pride. The pride I feel as she throws herself into new experiences: different food; shaky steps along the edge of the sofa; new places, new games, new people - all admirably coped with.

Being a parent means... love. The rush of love I feel when she finishes her morning feed, waggles her arms and legs furiously and giggles in contentment. The way my heart melts when her face lights up because I've come into the room. The love that is always there.


  1. Love the way you have done this and it is written so beautifully. It is truly amazing being a parent and there has been such an outpouring of love expressed in this meme, it's been lovely.

    Thanks for sharing this with us xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing the baby gym in the bathroom doorway. I thought it was just me!

  3. What a sweet post, I am left with a big smile on my face for reading it. Love and exhaustion in equal measures, that's parenting. Happy mothers' day, now following by the way.

  4. agree with manana - this post gives you a big smile - fab!


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