Friday, 1 April 2011

Shopping and a home visit

A few days ago I wrote a guest post for The Real Supermum about how I'd been feeling recently. I got lots of great advice about how to lift my mood, but also that I should take my blues seriously and work on dealing with them rather than hiding them away.

This morning happened to be Baby Badger's 8 month check (or in my area the 6-12 month check as they are too short-staffed to get everyone done on time). On Father Badger's insistence, I mentioned to the Health Visitor that I'd been feeling a bit weepy. I said I thought it was probably down to lack of sleep but that I thought I should mention it. She immediately launched into troubleshooting our sleeping arrangements and night feeds and asked nothing else about how I was.

I feel a tad short-changed! I'm fairly sure I don't have PND; I've done a bit of reading to rule it out and although I definitely am a bit down at the moment, I don't appear to be suffering enough for the label (and I honestly am relieved by this). It's not that I wanted her sympathy, but surely she should have asked a few more questions to rule it out for herself? It would have been reassuring to have a health professional tell me I'm okay.

My day did pick up after this. I managed to work my way through a few tasks on my list (arranging couriers to collect various bits, booking the cats in for vaccinations - thrilling!) then Baby Badger and I headed out for a bit of shopping.

We went to the local retail park to buy storage boxes and jars. I succeeded on the jars but in a moment of insanity left without boxes and instead a large neon parrot hand puppet. I know. Not the same. But it does make a very realistic skwawk when you squeeze the beak...

We then went round Tescos. I would normally have Baby Badger in a carrier, freeing up my hands for the trolley, but for the first time she went into the seat of a big trolley. She loved every minute, bouncing up and down (thank goodness for the safety strap), waving her arms, and generally charming the pants off everyone. A lovely end to the day!

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  1. Aw, that does sound like a good end to your day.
    Health Visitors. Do you know I kinda feel sorry for them. They get a tough deal. So much to deal with.
    But it does mean they miss stuff.
    She prob just got herself down a track and got stuck, forgot to ask important questions.
    Not saying it is an excuse, she should have asked after you. But if you fed her the reason you have in your mind......That was the one she discussed with you.
    If you see where I am coming from?

  2. Yeah... I did kick myself for saying it. I think it's because I struggle to admit when there might be something wrong so I give the get out clause straight away.

  3. Just read your reply to The Pixies Pocket and I do that too! Asking for help, but without asking for help. Sigh.

    Anyhoo, that wasn't the reason for commenting. Just wanted to say Yay! for Baby Badger going in the trolley for the first time :D

    Thanks for popping by Bod for tea earlier too x


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