Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Our first proper playdate

Today was Baby Badger's first proper playdate at home. We have always tended to meet up with other mums out and about: the local children's centre, tea (and of course cake) at the cafe, even the pub (bad mummy alert). In the early days it was to get us out of the house and preserve my sanity; nowadays it's because there is much better cake to be found out elsewhere!

Today was different. We had three mums and four babies (yes - a set of twins) coming over for tea. I spent the morning running round with the Hoover and generally tidying (have I mentioned before that housework is not my strong point?). A brief panic at lunchtime over the lack of cake in the house was averted by a trip to the local shop for the best looking biscuits.

The next step was to shift the living room furniture to accommodate five babies and mums and then fill the available space with play mat, gym, bouncy chair, bumbo and copious toys. Result: a happy looking mess!

Thankfully, the afternoon was a success. Toys were shared, noone impaled or bludgeoned themselves on unseen hazards, gossip and tea flowed, and best of all... the biscuits didn't get finished!

Image: Phiseksit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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