Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Messin' with his head!

Father Badger and I have rather different ideas on how to dress Baby Badger.

I'm not an obsessive about dressing her as a pretty little baby girl, in fact so many people think she's a boy I must be aiming more towards the tomboy end of the scale. I'm learning that convention states that all baby girls wear pink. If a baby is not in pink, it must be a boy. What a load of tosh...

Actually, pink is not that difficult. We were lucky enough to have three sacks full of clothes handed to us by my best friend: her sister has a girl a year older than Baby Badger. Apparently she was dressed head to toe in pink, with a smattering of lilac. I put my anti-pink tendencies aside and was thankful for the vast quantity of free clothing; after all, babies grow out of stuff so quickly.

Luckily, Father Badger's cousin also gave us her son's clothes and, unsurprisingly, there's not an ounce of pink in there. That has allowed me temper the pinkness: pink shirt and black dungarees, pink shirt and jeans, blue shirt and pink dungarees; you get the pattern... We've also supplemented with extras, such as bright stripy tights, cardigans and coats.

Father Badger has required some training. Firstly that tights do not go on the outside of sleepsuits: I guess having not worn tights himself it's a forgiveable mistake... Secondly that if you put denim dungarees on top of a sleepsuit (especially one that's on the large side) you end up with a baby that cannot bend its limbs, michelin man style. I'm fighting a losing battle with the aesthetic elements. Father Badger considers her to be coordinated if he matches the patterns on the items of clothing, resulting in the odd migraine inducing combination of differently striped tights, trousers and top, or polka dots in pink, red and green.

Today I messed with his head and put her in spotty top and stripey trousers in matching two shades of purple, which broke his rules but met mine. I think she looks gorgeous, girly and not a drop of pink anywhere to be seen!


  1. Aw, she's beautiful -- so smiley.

    I have a friend who puts her 9 month old daughter in dresses and is constantly being complimented by elderly ladies on the bonniness of her SON!

    I insisted on all neutrals, and baby grows only before Alec was born (we didn't know the gender) but once he came along I found I wanted so much to put him in brights and 'boy' colours; and that the little trousers and jumpers we received are very compelling (even though it's a struggle to get him in and out of them!). Those bags of secondhand clothes were so welcome -- it's great to try out a range of styles and shapes without having to make expensive mistakes.

  2. Ah she looks lovely my niece wears outfits like this all the time and I think they are so cute. I love Baba in bright boy colours, although he did get brought a pink shirt Mr L went up the wall, which is strange as he wears pink all the time. But Baba is a red head so pink does look strange on him xx

  3. Brilliant post...I did chuckle as you describe Father Badgers training...I had to do similar with Papa Syder at first, lol. I must admit when my girls come along I dressed them from head to toe in total pink although after five brothers and two sons I guess I could be forgiven.
    Your little girl is absolutely adorable! x

  4. Hehe, yeah men. They just don't understand the rules of fashion do they? Or even the basics af what each garment is.

    Your baby looks adorable and very very happy. Obviously she approves of your choice! x


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