Monday, 12 March 2012

Improvements and blunders

I've not written much recently because things have really been getting on top of me: stupid pressure at work including trips away from home; never ending colds; generally feeling down. I finally feel as though things are on the up.

At the weekend I had a lie in both days then I spent most of the daylight hours in the garden weeding and chopping at the hedge. I went for a jog both days. I cooked two pretty decent meals, and over the week lost a couple of pounds.

It's amazing what a difference some sleep, some fresh air and exercise and a bit of a confidence boost can have!

Today I was especially tired from the aforementioned fresh air and exercise. So much so that a) I turned up to a dentist appointment 24 hours early and b) I lodged my foot well and truly in my mouth by asking if a colleague in another office had left the business only to find out they'd died before Christmas...

To finish on a positive note, we just watched Little Miss Sunshine. I've not laughed that much in quite a while!

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