Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Totally in love

I'm not usually soppy, in fact Father Badger would say in no uncertain terms that he was the romantic half of the relationship. I am, however, totally in love again, this time with a little creature that screams at me, nips at me and covers me with snot and milk (and other more noxious substances). Funny, huh?

Baby Badger is now four and a half months old, and it's fascinating to watch how she is changing, it seems at an ever increasing rate. She is more alert and interested in the world around her: although she is not yet crawling, she loves to hear and watch other more mobile babies. She has developed an amusing but possibly unhealthy interest in Strictly Come Dancing. I'm assuming it's the brightly coloured and sequined frocks, but maybe she's simply destined for the quick step.

She knows who I am! She smiles when she sees me, her eyes light up, and Father Badger swears she even recognises my footsteps in the hall. I appreciate it's probably because she knows where dinner comes from, but it still brings the love flooding out of me, even if she kept me up all the previous night. For the record, she definitely does know where dinner comes from: when hungry she fixes her gaze firmly on my shirt and if in reach tries to pull my clothes out of the way.

She is becoming quite cheeky. Yesterday evening she finished feeding, clamped her gums down on my nipple and shook her head a la Jack Russell! Needless to say, I yelled "Ouch!" and she detached then looked directy at me and grinned. Twice she latched back on and did it again! I think this is a game I won't be encouraging...

Image: graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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